Company History

Established in 1992 as a California Corporation, The Digital Tribe was founded to pioneer digital media for both educational and social benefit.


The company currently specializes in editing and publishing of books in both traditional printed format and in eBook formats. This brings the company back to its roots within the publishing industry and while the technology has change, the process of publishing still involves many of the same elements that must be properly orchestrated to create a quality final product.

What makes the Digital Tribe’s approach to publishing unique is the “partnership” created for each title. As the “editor” and “co-author” of the title, the Digital Tribe takes digital material (words and images) into a final product for both the traditional print market and the eBook market. It therefore has a personal relationship with each title produced. That relationship affords great care in the editing and production and it also requires more time and focus to get things right. If this model of publishing could fit your Christian-faith based book, then please send us a message and we can discuss the process in greater detail.



The Digital Tribe is a California Corporation based in Orange County that was founded in 1992 on the principles of improving information technology value and performance. The first community effort was the development of the children’s educational series based on the popular Zoobooks(TM) publication by Wildlife Education Ltd.


From this early work the business emphasis shifted toward helping small and startup businesses better apply information technology to improve operations. For many years we provided guidance to businesses so that they could effective leverage, integrate, and adapt cloud services, social technology, and consumer-born information technology to achieve better results. As a small business, the Digital Tribe was able to provide personalized instruction and guidance in the use of digital information technologies.




Requests and inquiry may be directed to:
Digital Tribe, Inc.
16 Charity Irvine, CA 92612