Personal Observations

Week-1 – using X39®
During the first week, improved sleep – dreams were remembered (I had not remembered dreams in detail in over 20 years). I was more refreshed in the AM.

Week-2– using X39®
Sleep improvements observed in week-1 were having a positive impact on energy and attention during the day. Noticeable improvement in energy during the day.

Week-3– using X39®
Improving mental clarity and especially in working on complex topics during the day. Improvement in ability to switch context between topics during the course of work activity.

Week-4– using X39®
Complete remission of any knee problems. This includes any residual pain or discomfort as well as any auditory indicators of degraded condition within my knees. Previously my knees would make small “snap-crackle-pop” sounds when walking up and down stairs. While the sounds themselves did not coincide with pain, they were a reminder that my knees were degrading. The sounds were loud enough that my dog could hear them and virtually assured that I could not sneak up and surprise her. These sounds have completely abated and this was a shocking level of improvement that was both unexpected and very well received. I was able to sneak up on my dog and this was a surprise for her as well.

Week-5– using X39®
I drive a large (900 lb) motorcycle weekly and I am constantly testing my balance as I move and maneuver the vehicle at low speeds where the centrifugal force of the rotating wheels is enhancing the stability of the vehicle. At low speeds when there is not power being delivered to the rear wheel (when you are coasting to a stop), and where there is no centrifugal force enhancing stability, the skill and balance of the rider is 100% responsible for the stability of the vehicle. As a person who rides a motorcycle ages, they are obligated to monitor their balance to to make sure it is not degrading. If your balance is degrading it is a major safety issue and an indicator that you should resign your two-wheel experience in favor of four wheels. By week-five, I have noticed that my balance is improving. It is a simple test. I am able to balance longer with feet up as I come to a light and place them down much later in the approach to stop that previously. This is a test running weekly and it is the most profound observation of physical improvement aside from my knees improvement observed on week-four.

Not me on the bike – its my friend’s daughter. She wanted to experience sitting on the big motorcycle!